Infrastructure Tuesday 2022: Best Hits

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As the year winds down, we had the pleasure of sharing exciting topics with you such as Civil 3D Pressure Pipes, Roundabout Design, and exploring Autodesk’s latest and greatest releases. With 2023 around the corner, we look forward to sharing even more tools, tips, topics, and tricks to help expand your professional prowess. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite Infrastructure Tuesday webinars from 2022.

Grading Optimization in Civil 3D

Infrastructure Tuesday Grading optimization in civil 3d

In this video, we will be discussing the Autodesk Grading Optimization extension, an interactive site grading tool included in the AEC Collection. The Grading Optimization interface allows the user to grade a site complete with a building pad, curb, ponding, drainage, and more. By creating zones for the grading features and adjusting the available parameters, the Grading Optimization creates a grading solution using those features. After earthwork quantities have been reviewed, grading parameters can be quickly adjusted, and the grading solution once again optimized. Once the optimization is complete, the grading solution can be added into Civil 3D as a typical surface. Watch Here

Tame your Civil 3D Data with Project Explorer

Infrastructure Tuesday Project Explorer

In this session, we looked at the Project Explorer as it relates to Civil 3D model data. The Project Explorer is included in the AEC Collection and is available for Civil 3D 2022. The Project explorer allows the user to view and analyze Civil 3D model data such as alignments, corridors, and pipe networks in a single location and where changes can be applied if needed. The customizable interface provides both a graphical view as well as a grid view of the data. It also allows the user to generate custom reports and tables using a variety of formats where report and tables styles can be saved and used for future use. Watch here

Civil 3D 2023 Pressure Pipe Networks: Methods and Workflows

Infrastructure Tuesday Civil 3D Pressure Pipes

Pressure Pipe Networks have come a long way in recent versions of Civil 3D and in this webinar, viewers will watch a demonstration of some of the newer functions in the software and learn tips on best practices and workflows when creating networks. Watch here

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