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Managing Your BIM Consultants

January 15 @ 11:00 am - 11:45 am PST
(877) 648-7223
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You’ve hired a BIM service provider, now what? In this live 45-minute webinar, we’ll equip you with what you should expect from your BIM consultants, the milestones they should meet, and proper project deliverables. Your number one expectation and result for your BIM projects should be value and a better job experience. By knowing what to expect from your BIM consultant, you’ll be on your way to achieving success on every project.

Whether you’ve hired or looking to hire a BIM service provider, don’t miss this informative webinar to get the inside scoop on what you should expect.

Attendees will learn:

  • The value in creating BIM Bidding Instructions to ensure the bids you receive are meeting your needs, and so you can compare your bids apples to apples
  • Why having a checklist of all deliverables is critical to your project – whether the provider is running coordination or creating 3D models for you
  • How to avoid “Hollywood BIM” and ensure you’re receiving real and valuable BIM from trained and competent providers
  • The key to a better job experience for everyone on the team, not just the BIM team
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About the Presenter
Jennifer Lanzetti, also known as the BIM Goddess, is a construction industry and BIM technology expert, accomplished speaker, and thought leader. Having started her construction career in high school, and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, Jennifer’s experience has touched nearly every aspect of the construction project lifecycle. To date, she has worked on over 300 projects. For the last ten years, Jennifer’s passion for Building Information Modeling has taken center stage. She is currently the director of U.S. CAD’s construction services practice helping clients achieve positive project outcomes utilizing BIM.

This event has passed.