Construction Now Webinar Recap

06 Dec: The Path to Better, Connected Workflows in Construction Projects

Now is the time to improve construction projects beyond our current complicated, multi-tiered, multi-version approach. Learn why change is necessary now, and how to implement the concepts of “single source of truth” and the “common data environment” to improve communications between designers and builders.

28 Nov: 8 Common Questions about Using Xrefs and Drefs in Civil 3D

So you need to reference objects from another drawing in your Civil 3D project; do you use external references or data shortcuts? When do you choose one over the other? In this video, get a sneak peek at the most common questions Civil 3D users have about xrefs and drefs that Ron Couillard will answer during the December 5th Infrastructure Tuesday webinar.

U.S. CAD Blog | Annotation Scaling

16 Nov: A Beginner’s Guide to Annotation Scaling in AutoCAD

Annotation scaling in AutoCAD allows you to plot annotation at the same height or size regardless of the viewport zoom scale. Annotation scales can be associated with annotative objects so that these objects can be sized properly for specific annotation scales in model space and displayed correctly in paper space. In the November Infrastructure Tuesday webinar, I gave an overview annotation scaling and looked at the actual tools for annotation commands (including the styles and how those work) and what annotation scaling does for you as far as reducing the time spent in annotating drawings.