Workflow Wednesday: Revit to 3ds Max

Revit to 3ds Max

As usage of Revit continues to become more and more common among architects, collaboration and passing designs on in the design process becomes easier. 3ds Max continues to revolutionize the world of rendering, providing an array of options to help you create stunning images faster, and offering solutions to help you tackle many design challenges. However, moving from Revit to 3ds Max isn’t always a straightforward process.

3ds Max, like any new software program, can seem daunting to first-time users. However, if you use it well, you can turn your Revit models into photorealistic images or animations with materials, environments, lighting and camera properties.

In this month’s Workflow Wednesday webinar, Kristin Rhein shared some helpful tips to show Revit users how to take advantage of the rendering capabilities in 3ds Max to take designs to the next level.

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