Workflow Wednesday: Coordinating the Site Plan in Revit & Civil 3D

How often do you encounter confusion or difficulties when passing your Civil 3D design to a Revit user (or vice versa)? If this is a frequent problem, you’re not alone. Civil 3D and Revit don’t always get along well, but, with the right workflow, you can maximize your efficiency and make work easier for yourself and everyone you work with.

In this week’s Workflow Wednesday webinar, James Lord dove into what it takes to successfully coordinate site plans between Revit and Civil 3D. His step-by-step explanation emphasized the need to establish shared coordinates in Revit. He also walked through the steps to export site plans from Revit with shared coordinates, export surface triangles from Civil 3D, import surfaces into Revit, export a Revit model, and import models into Civil 3D.

Above all, when establishing your workflow, it’s important to establish an agreed upon starting point. This critical piece sets the stage for the improved workflow.

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