Work Faster in PDFs with these 5 Bluebeam Tips and Tricks

Bluebeam Revu is a great PDF and paperless workflow solution for the AECO industry with its ease of use and powerful navigation and reporting capabilities. Here are 5 tips from our friends at Bluebeam to help you make the most of tools like hyperlink, Snapshot, and Estimation.

5 Bluebeam Tips & Tricks

Tips #1: Right-click is your new best friend.

With right-click in Bluebeam Revu, you can do an assortment of tasks. Press right-click above your document to create a new file, open a new web tab, or to open a new file. In the toolbar, you can right-click to turn on more toolsets. Inside your document, you can use right-click for instant access to tools such as Format Painter, Flatten. Finally, right-click is also very helpful in the thumbnails tab, where you can insert pages, extract pages, re-label, and more.

Tip #2: Create hyperlinks with Categories, Places, and Search.

In this short video, Meredith from Bluebeam shows how to use Categories, Places, and Search to quickly hyperlink multiple documents or parts of a document together so that you can move easily within your document set.

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Tip #3: Use Snapshot for RFIs and building your Symbol Libraries.

With Snapshot, you can clarify your RFIs by including images of the item or area in question. It’s as simple as taking a snapshot, pasting, and flattening the image. Furthermore, Snapshot is a great way to build your symbol libraries, since snapshots are saved in Recent Tools and can be easily dragged into your Architect Toolsets to be used in the future.

Tip #4: Use the status bar to snap markups.

First off, if you don’t see your status bar at the bottom-right of your view, go to the View tab and turn it on. Now, you’ll be able to use features like Reuse, Markup, Content, Snap, and Grid to draw and align markups to content, to each other, or to a grid.

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Tip #5: Get measurements and costs with Estimation.

While you can use the standard Area tool in the Measurements tab to measure rooms, did you know that it’s even easier with your Estimation tools? Meredith shows how Estimation tools specifically for flooring can provide both length and area measurements, which can help you approximate costs for materials like flooring and crown molding.

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