Why You Need the BLK360 Even If You Already Use Scanning

If you were at Autodesk University in November or following along with those who were on social media, you may have caught wind of the BLK360 announcement from Autodesk and Leica Geosystems.

Excitement is high for this new scanner throughout the industry. The low price point has the opportunity to open the door to scanning for companies who, in the past, could not justify the cost purchasing a scanner or hiring a third-party to complete a scanning job. But if you’re already using laser scanning in your business, don’t disregard the BLK360 just yet.

While the BLK360 likely won’t be able to be a direct replacement for high-end 3D laser scanning (i.e. Leica ScanStation P40), it can serve as a useful companion to your larger, more powerful scanner. In addition to the low price point, the advantages of the BLK360 for those already using scanning lie in speed and portability.

Consider a scanning job that requires you to piece together many scans down a hallway, such as a school or a floor of a hotel. You could complete this job with a single, high-end laser scanner. After scanning the exterior and the hallway for control, you could pick up and move the scanner to complete as many scans as necessary in each room along the hallway. However, your high-end scanner is likely bulky and heavy, making it tedious to move around many times as required in this situation. By adding one or more BLK360 scanners to your arsenal, you could complete the job in this situation much more efficiently. After completing the control scans with your high-end scanner, the BLK360 could scan each room in the school or hotel in this situation, and, due to its size and speed, doing so would be much easier than it would be to complete the entire job with a single, large scanner.

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Are you planning to purchase a BLK360? Tell us how you plan to use it in the comments below.

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