Webinar Release: What’s New In Civil 3D and Infraworks 2021


Civil 3D and Infraworks 2021 were both released recently, and each came with some new or improved functionality that will fit into workflows to make users more productive and proficient in specific areas. In this webinar, Ron Couillard goes into each of the new features in both Civil 3D and Infraworks and discusses how data can be brought to and from each respective software.


Civil 3D 2021 new features to include the following:

  • Pressure Pipe Network enhancements
  • Dynamo Overview and New Features
  • Civil 3D/Infraworks workflow improvements

Infraworks 2021 New Features including:

  • Infraworks/Civil 3D workflow improvements
  • Corridor Enhancements
  • 4K View Optimization

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