Top 5 New Features of Bluebeam Revu 2015.5

This blog post was originally written for the Managed Design blog. Managed Design is now a U.S. CAD company, so please check back here at for more written articles from Troy DeGroot and our new U.S. CAD Minnesota team.

Bluebeam 2015.5 is out! Here are some of the most anticipated features, plus a how-to on upgrading.

Top 5 New Features

  1. New Floating License System: Authorize Revu for users in your organization on demand.  The new concurrent license system draws from a pool of shared seats. Manage these licenses from the Bluebeam Gateway
  2. Revit 2016 and Navisworks 2016 Compatibility: 2D and 3D PDF creation is now possible in Revit 2016 and Navisworks 2016
  3. Plugins for Word and Excel: Create PDFs in Microsoft Word and Excel with hyperlinks and accurate graphics
  4. New JavaScript Functionality: New JavaScript calls as well as support for trusted functions and folder-level JavaScript
  5. Tablet Support: Automatic switch to Tablet Mode (full screen experience with optimized touch screen and stylus input)
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How to Upgrade

Open Bluebeam Review.

Go to your Help Menu in the Menu Bar at the top of the Interface.

top 5 bluebeam revu 2015.5 menu bar

Click on the Product Updates button.

top 5 bluebeam review 2015.5 product update button

The following PDF will open with your serial number auto filled.  Click the Update to 2015.5 download button provided.

top 5 bluebeam revu 2015.5 product updates

If you don’t know your serial number it can be found in About under the Help Menu across the top of the Bluebeam Revu interface.

top 5 bluebeam revu 2015.5 about button

If you are not using Bluebeam Revu, download a free trial.  Interested in more detail? Check out the release notes.


Choose from any of the three versions of Bluebeam Revu: Standard, CAD, or eXtreme, courtesy of U.S. CAD.

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