Sorting Those Pesky Parts Lists

Are you familiar with Pipe Network parts lists? Have you ever gone in to add part sizes to them? What about adding custom part sizes to the parts catalog? Have you gone into Parts Builder to add sizes? For example, in PVC pipes, maybe you need to add a 1 inch or a 2 1/2-inch PVC pipe for irrigation or other piping needs. If you have done any of these tasks, especially the Part Builder task, then you have probably noticed that when you go to add your custom part sizes into your parts list, the custom sizes show up at the bottom of the list of sizes! Even worse, when you add all sizes to your Parts List, those custom sizes end up at the bottom of that list as well! What the heck? There is no sort button! There is no way to get it to do this that is obvious and easy to find. But there is a way!

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After doing a webinar on Pipe Networks recently, someone asked the question about if there was a way to sort this out. I did not have a definitive answer at the time, so I decided to dig into this issue. My findings were scarce and frankly, that kind of ticked me off. It seems like the common way to tackle this was to delete existing Parts Lists and re-import sizes one at a time and in the desired order. Seriously? Just to get part sizes in a logical order? After some testing, I found what appears to be a much easier way to do this without deleting and recreating parts lists. The video below shows the entire process that I found and shows the results.

So that’s it. Give it a shot and let me know if you have any questions. As I stated in the video, be sure to back up your XML files before making any modifications to the original ones. It is also a good idea to make a copy of your entire Pipe Network catalog and place it somewhere safe so that you can use it later to overwrite files that you make mistakes on.

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