[VIDEO] Why You Need to Properly Set Up Your Revit Library

This webinar has passed. View the full recording and other topics in the From AutoCAD to Revit series here.

In the upcoming September 13 webinar of the From AutoCAD to Revit series, U.S. CAD Solution Consultant, Aaron Wagner will be discussing digital Libraries in Revit. Revit Libraries contain robust model content, annotative content, and many other items that support your team’s project processes, workflows, and overall experience in Revit.

From levels of development to containers and classification systems, there are several tools to help you create an efficient Revit library. How many of these are you using?

To discover all the tips and tricks, be sure to sign up for this webinar coming up on September 13th. Bring your list of questions for Aaron Wagner and get answers during the live Q&A!



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