Save Time by Creating Your Construction Documents in Revit

If you are used to creating your construction documents in AutoCAD, you are well aware of the amount of time it takes working in Paper Space, adding your Viewports, and printing. In the February From AutoCAD to Revit webinar, Kristin Rhein shared how you can save your team a lot of stress and time by creating and managing your construction documents in Revit.

Kristin covered creating sheets, working with sheet properties, and working with views in Revit, while comparing the differences between the processes in AutoCAD and Revit. One of the major differences that she highlighted between the two construction documentation processes was Revit’s built-in sheet set manager capabilities, which requires no set up and management in separate files. This can save users a lot of time when creating and setting up their sheets. Here’s how it works:

Making changes in your AutoCAD sheets can also be time-consuming, and is often the source of mismatched, inaccurate documents. In the clip from the webinar below, Kristen jumped into setting up sheet lists in Revit and discussed how Revit’s smart capabilities saves you time when you make changes in your models by automatically updating the data in all your schedules, sheets, and model views:

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What are your favorite tricks for saving time in Revit? Why else do you use Revit for construction documentation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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