Three Favorite Productivity Tools in Revit

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Kobi Toolkit for Revit, previously known as CGS Revit Tools, are a series of add-in utilities that extend the capabilities of Revit in various key areas. They can be a huge time saver and make working in Revit easier and more efficient. With 60+ different tools, and new ones being added constantly, this set of tools has become indispensable for me. Here are just three of my absolute favorite Revit Tools.

1. Duplicate Sheet

This is a huge benefit to users that need to create a number of sheets along with similar types of views. If an architect needs sheets showing the same floor plan with different looks to it (dimension plan, interiors plan, flooring plan) they have to first duplicate the view, rename it, create a sheet, and then place the views on it. With the duplicate sheet, you can duplicate the sheet and views that are on it. You can simply add the view template you want to the copied view so that you have it looking the way you want, and the views are all in the same position as the other sheets.

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2. Calculated Parameters – Manage, Execute, and Update

Located in the Content Admin Kit of Revit Tools, Calculated Parameters is a newer tool set that allows you to create your own Calculated Parameters. What I like so much about this tool is that it is easily customizable by the user and allows you to set up parameters from the very basic to very complex. Create in the Manage Calculated Parameters tool and then use the Execute Calculated Parameters while working on the project. You will get a dialog of the tools you created and then execute them based on the calculated parameter you created. You can also easily update them at any time using the Update Calculated Parameters.

Manage Calculated Parameters

 Try Kobi Toolkit for Revit 

Current Kobi Toolkit for Revit users, what are your favorite Revit Tools? Comment below. If you’re interested in trying these tools, contact us for a free trial.

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