Point Clouds, Part 1: The New Way of Surveying? You Decide.

This blog post was originally written for the Managed Design blog. Managed Design is now a U.S. CAD company, so please check back here at www.uscad.com/blog for more written articles from Bill Neuhauser and our new U.S. CAD Minnesota team.

Over the next few months I will be discussing some of my adventures with point clouds and ways of creating them and using then in both AutoCAD Civil 3D and InfraWorks.  Over this time I hope to get everyone on board as to why PT clouds are the new way of surveying.

Here is just a teaser.  Below are two PT clouds created of the east steps of the Minnesota State Capital during its recent $300 million restoration project.

One picture was created from many GoPro 3+ black 12MB still images.  The other image was created with photos from a Sony 24MB a5100 mirrorless camera.  Part II of this post will cover more details on how I created these PT clouds.

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Last teaser – anyone know what a 333 exemption is?  If someone wants to sell you data that came from using a drone, ask them for their 333 papers first.  More on this next month.

PT Clouds 1
Point Cloud Created with GoPro
PT Clouds 2
Point Cloud Created with Sony 24 MB a5100 mirrorless camera

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