Why AutoCAD with Specialized Toolsets is More Efficient for Multi-User License Environments

One of the things I love to do is help companies optimize their licensing structure. In the past, I’ve even collaborated on a special Autodesk licensing webinar series with our Customer Service Manager, Robin Katz. Check out the videos below.

  1. Autodesk Licensing: Contract Management
  2. Autodesk Licensing: Network License Management
  3. Autodesk Licensing: Suites & Collections

I know most people think I’m crazy when I say I enjoy talking about product licensing, but it’s a topic that makes me happy! So, when Autodesk announced the new “One AutoCAD”, I was excited because I immediately thought of all the customers who I know have a mix of suite licenses, collections licenses, and AutoCAD product licenses, such as AutoCAD (or, as I call it, “vanilla” AutoCAD), AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Mechanical, or  AutoCAD Electrical.

The challenge with managing that type of mixed license environment is apparent when you also add in the complications from Multi-User licensing (or what was previously known as a Network licensing). If someone in that company wants to run “vanilla” AutoCAD, the Multi-User licensing system would allow that person to take a “vanilla” AutoCAD license, an AutoCAD Mechanical license, a collection license, or a suite license. However, the user would not be able to take a license for AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical, or AutoCAD MEP. Similarly, any of the vertical AutoCAD products would not be able to take a license for “vanilla” AutoCAD. Instead, those vertical products can only access their own licenses, a collection license, or a suite license. Now, can you imagine the headache for the IT or BIM Manager who has to manage all of these exceptions and rules in their multi-user licensing environment?

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So, what am I getting at? If an organization has Multi-User (network) licenses and is planning to move from Maintenance to Subscription anyway, I highly recommend transferring your AutoCAD and AutoCAD vertical product licenses to One AutoCAD (also known as AutoCAD including Specialized Toolsets). Even organizations with AutoCAD or AutoCAD vertical network licenses already on Subscription can benefit from moving to AutoCAD including Specialized Toolsets. By making this move, you can give your organization a more efficient flow of licenses and improve ROI since all of your AutoCAD-based products will be able to flow through all AutoCAD-based licenses!

Here’s a simple illustration of the differences between the AutoCAD Multi-User licensing flow. On the left is the older licensing flow. On the right is the flow with One AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Multi-User Licensing FlowWhat are your thoughts about the new One AutoCAD (AutoCAD including Specialized Toolsets)? Can your team benefit from these license management improvements?

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