Network Licensing Manager 2017

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The 2017 products are out and that means it is time to start doing new installs and creating images. One related task that is sometimes overlooked is updating LMtools from the server where your network license is stored and that your users access to acquire a license.With each version release it’s good practice to check which version of LMtools is on your server. For the 2017 version, it should look like the image below after updating.

network license manager 1

After downloading the current product release and extracting the install files you will see the image below. You can select Install Tools & Utilities to install the current LMtools.

network license manager 2

You can update the LMtools without telling your users to shut down their software. You have about a 20 minute window to update the new LMtools with the paths of the new license, lmgrd.exe and debug log file.

If you do not install and update your license manager users will still be able to get into the older version but if they attempt to open a 2017 version they will most likely get error below.

network license manager 3

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