Making Sense of Your Reality Capture Data

Whether you’re a civil engineer, land surveyor, or working in a different discipline in the AEC industry, you can likely find a use for capturing existing conditions to create a digital model. As adoption of reality capture technology grows, new challenges arise for those using the data.

If you’re using reality capture today or starting to explore the technology, you may have discovered that in order to make sense of data you collect, there is a little bit of work to do between actually capturing the data and using it in your Civil 3D drawings. Here’s a quick overview of the workflow you can follow to take your point cloud data to Civil 3D.

Point Cloud Processing WorkflowStep 1: Capture Your Data
Whether your preferred method of data collection is terrestrial laser scanning or aerial drones, you can quickly capture a wealth of data that can be used in modeling.

Step 2: Clean Up Your Capture Data in ReCap
After all of your data is collected, you can import the point cloud into Autodesk ReCap. ReCap automatically registers your photos and/or laser scans to quickly create a model. You can then use Point Cleanup in ReCap to remove points that were captured inadvertently and interfering with your data, creating an accurate 3D model in just a few minutes.

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Step 3: Export Your Data to Civil 3D and Convert to a Surface
You can export your data from ReCap in various formats, including: RCP/RCS, E57, PTS, and PCG. In Civil 3D, start a drawing and insert your processed ReCap file. Once your ReCap file has been imported into Civil 3D, you can easily create a surface from the point cloud and begin working with your model.

At the March 14th Infrastructure Tuesday webinar, Nick Harper will share some tips and tricks for reality capture and point cloud processing and demonstrate the fastest way to get your exiting linework into survey form.

Interested in learning more about reality capture? Check out our recent blog posts about some common misconceptions about 3D laser scanning and three ways to use laser scanning that you may not have considered.

How would you like to see your company use reality capture technology? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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