Limited-time $400 AU discount, courtesy of KaDe King

Thinking of attending Autodesk Unviersity 2016 (AU)? Let us help you get one step closer with a special $400 discount off of the $2,175 registration price!

2016 Autodesk University

This limited-time offer comes courtesy of Kade King, one of U.S. CAD’s Technical Specialist, who is a frequent AU speaker and will be leading two sessions this year:

So, if you’re still thinking of attending Autodesk University, then this $400 discount is perfect for you! Just email us and we’ll verify your information before sending your the discount code to register online. Access to the discount is limited, so jump on it while you can! And don’t forget to also check out KaDe’s classes and say hi to our team at the show!

Looking for more information about Autodesk University? Check out this 2-minute highlights video from last year’s event!

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