[Video] Drafting Buffer for Cross Section Views in Civil 3D 2018

Learn all about what’s new in Civil 3D 2018 at the upcoming Infrastructure Tuesday webinar on July 11th. During the webinar, our Solutions Consultant, Ron Couillard, will be giving a first-hand look at what you can do with the new features available now in Civil 3D 2018.

In the video below, Ron gives a sneak peek at the what will be covered in the webinar by taking a look at one of the best new features in Civil 3D 2018: the drafting buffer for section views. Drafting buffers allow you to add AutoCAD annotation or drafting elements within or crossing the drafting buffers, binding them with the section views. This means that when you move a section view, the elements within or crossing the drafting buffer move with it.

Ron isn’t the only fan of the section view drafting buffer. It’s also one of KaDe King’s favorite new features. KaDe, a U.S. CAD Senior Technical Specialist, and Heidi Boutwell, CADLearning’s Infrastructure Content Manager, recorded a Skype chat discussing all of their favorite new features when Civil 3D 2018 was released in April. They talked about the drafting buffer specifically during their chat.

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Anything in that buffer zone will go with the section views if they’re moved or updated or anything. … If you’re manually moving them, even if you just move the section or use the grips on the section to move the section, it still moves all the elements. You don’t have to make a window around the whole thing to make sure it goes. … That’s a really big deal.

—KaDe King, Sr. Technical Specialist

The section view drafting buffer isn’t the only new feature this year. Civil 3D 2018 also features: connected alignments (which allow you to link two intersecting alignments when creating things like a curb return), the ability to create Offset profiles using a default cross slope, and automatic plan and profile sheet generation with the Plan/Production tools. Make sure you join Ron at the July 11th Infrastructure Tuesday webinar to see all of this in action and get answers to your questions from an expert.

If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do in Civil 3D 2018, you can also check out our new feature round-up for everything civil infrastructure in the 2018 Autodesk products.

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