Infrastructure Tuesday: Civil 3D for Survey, Part 2

Are you ready to get onboard with the Survey Database tools within Civil 3D? This month, the Infrastructure Tuesdays discussion concluded the look into the survey database functionality offered by Civil 3D. James Lord shared the step-by-step processes for:

  • What “Field to Finish” means
  • Survey Database
  • Figure Prefix Database
  • Linework Code Sets
  • Importing Field Data
  • Building a Surface

One of the key things he demonstrated was how to simplify the “Field to Finish” process. By importing points into Civil 3D using the Survey Database option, which automatically creates survey figures, you can take the manual drafting process out of the workflow. Once the points and survey figures are imported, a Civil 3D surface depicting the existing conditions can easily be created.

Check our recorded webinars page to see the full video!

Missed Part 1 of the Civil 3D for Survey topic? Check it out here!

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