Improving Your Team’s Output with CADLearning

How familiar are you with the skills and weaknesses of each member of your team? If you answered “not very” to this question, then know that this lack of insight can actually inhibit your ability to empower your team to generate the best possible work. When you are informed, however, you can capitalize on each team member’s individual strengths and increase your productivity and quality of work.

Knowing that you need to analyze skill sets is just the first step. Assessing work-based skills can be difficult and time-consuming. However, with a solution like CADLearning, you can use the built-in analytics and reporting capabilities inside the platform to identify skills and knowledge gaps specific to each user on your team and create individualized learning plans to address those gaps. As your team works through their courses and learning plans, you can track progress and use the analytical features to gain insight into where improvements are occurring and where more work is necessary.

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CADLearning for Enterprise, Government and Educational Institutions

CADLearning also provides specialized solutions for enterprise, government, and educational institutions. Enterprise customers can create a customized CADLearning Center specific to their organization to reduce training costs, provide employees with access to comprehensive training, track employees’ progress with user reporting and assessments, and customize programs, manage the curriculum, and add custom content. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, a leading architecture, interior design, engineering, and urban planning firm, and Weyerhaeuser, one of the world’s largest forest products companies both successfully implemented a corporate CADLearning Center to improve company-wide training and product-based skills.

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