Improved Options for Bluebeam Studio Sessions

This blog post was originally written for the Managed Design blog. Managed Design is now a U.S. CAD company, so please check back here at for more written articles from Ted Moberg and our new U.S. CAD Minnesota team.

Just in case you haven’t heard Bluebeam has improved a few of its options for Studio Sessions.

In the past you were limited to 100 PDFs in a studio session.  This was a definite restriction for many companies that often had projects sets exceeding 100 files.

Bluebeam studio

Users were forced to combine their projects into a single PDF or multiple smaller sets in order to meet the 100 file restriction.

Two huge new features:

  1. The number of files in a session has now been raised from 100 to 5000.
  2. Individual file size went from 100 megabytes to one gigabyte each!

This should allow most companies the flexibility they need to share their files in a studio session without having to change any of their workflows.

Plus Bluebeam Revu iPad  3.0.8  iOS 9 Compatibility:

Revu iPad now officially supports iOS 9.

  1. Overall Improvements.
  2. Stability improvements and bug fixes.

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