How to Import Civil Object Layer Settings

Have you ever tried to import civil object layer settings from one file to another? Even if you try to use the Styles Import Wizard, those settings aren’t imported. In this video, I will show you how to do this quickly and easily!

You may have used the Import Wizard (located in the Manage tab) before. With the Import wizard, whether you import a DWT or DWG file, even if you have the Import Settings checkbox selected in the Import dialog box, object layers will not be imported. However, it is possible to bring these settings into a new file quickly and easily.

In the example shown in this video, I collapse all the files on the Settings tab and make the file without object layers the current file. This file contains civil objects, but there are no layers associated with any of them. In the Layer drop-down menu, I only have Layer 0.

While the file without object layers is open, I right-click on the file that does contain object layers in the Settings tab, select Edit Drawing Settings, and click OK. That’s right: I didn’t change anything in this dialog box.

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This is where it gets interesting. When I go back to the file that didn’t have object layers, all of the objects have layers assigned to them, but the actual layers are not imported. What this does is maps layers to those objects. But as soon as I do something like create an alignment, the associated layers as they were assigned in the settings are created.

So that’s it: just right-click on the file that contained the layers and click OK. Then all the layer settings will magically come into the drawing that didn’t have them!

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