How to: Pull Quantities of Plain AutoCAD Objects in Civil 3D

Quantity Takeoff Manager has its many uses and in this example, it’s proven to be most helpful when put into real life scenarios. Have you ever received a drawing from a consultant & they didn’t use Civil 3D? You still need to pull those quantities! In this short video clip, we share how you can use the Quantity Takeoff Manager for pulling quantities of plain AutoCAD objects like blocks & polylines in Civil 3D.

  1. Turn off categorization that the QTO Manager ( Quantity Takeoff Manager ) comes with
  2. Open up a pay item file & bring into the QTO Manager
  3.  Attach pay items to your AutoCAD entities by selecting the object (Pro tip: right click object & select similar to capture all of the same entity)
  4. Go to pay item list, right click item type & select “assign pay item” (Pro tip: hover over item once completing the step to ensure you got correctly)
  5. DONE!
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BONUS: Add a Summary Report to your drawing!

  1. Once above tasks are complete close the QTO Manager
  2. Click Takeoff button
  3. Select Summary Report & uncheck “Report selected pay items only” under Report Output
  4. Hit “Complete”!
  5. Bottom left of window, select format HTML
  6. Hit “Draw”! And place the table on the drawing! Voila!
  7. DONE!

Not familiar with pay items files? Want our condensed list of pay items to import?  Need one on one help? Contact Us

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