HOT FIX ALERT: Civil 3D 2021 Pressure Network Pipes

This Hot Fix addresses an issue that caused Civil 3D 2021 to close unexpectedly when opening a drawing with a pressure network pipe run that contained curves. HOT FIX Civil 3D 2021.0.1

It was very exciting to see that Autodesk is finally putting some development into the Pressure Pipe tools from 2013. They have added some amazing tools to the Pressure Pipes.

From the Civil 3D 2021 Release Notes:

You can now use new and enhanced pressure network commands to create and edit path-based pressure networks.

  • Add path-based pressure network pipe runs by selecting locations to define the path, or by selecting existing objects or parts in the drawing. When you grip edit pipe runs to change their locations and update the pressure network path, the parts remain connected and the fittings are updated using available part sizes in the current parts list.

  • Add pipe runs to an existing pressure network. A path-based pressure network can contain multiple pipe runs. When creating a pipe run, you can optionally create a surface profile for the pipe run to follow.
  • Add bends automatically when creating pipe runs.
  • Add branch fittings to create intersecting pipe runs, automatically using the nearest fitting size from the current parts list.
  • Add and remove bends, automatically adding or removing points of intersection and fittings.
  • Break or merge pipe runs.
  • Use the new Pipe Run Profile Settings dialog box to control how a pipe run follows a surface or a surface profile and to add the pressure network to a new or existing profile view.
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See Release notes from Autodesk HERE

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