My Favorite Civil 3D 2019 New Features

Civil 3D 2019 was released a few months ago and with it came some cool new features. Some of the features of course are specific to Civil 3D and some are part of the AutoCAD 2019 new features. In this blog, I will highlight three of my favorite new features.

#1: DWG Compare

The first new feature I will go into is an AutoCAD-based feature called Drawing Compare. Check out the functionality and how to use it in the video below.

#2: Inserting Named Views into Paper Space

The next new feature I will discuss is actually another AutoCAD-based feature that allows you to Insert a Named View into paper space. Check out the process and functionality in the video below.

#3: Opening InfraWorks Models in Civil 3D

The last command that I will discuss actually involves two software solutions: Civil 3D and InfraWorks. We have been able to bring InfraWorks data into Civil 3D for a while now, but Autodesk has really improved this functionality and increased what you get from the resulting content. Check out this video for the functionality and workflow process.

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So that’s it for this blog. While Civil 3D 2019 has other new features to check out, these were 3 of my favorites to discuss. For further information on other new features, check out Autodesk’s breakdown.

Looking for more new features?

Check out Ron’s presentation from the Infrastructure Universe webinar series all about what’s new in Civil 3D 2019.

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