Dynamo Basics for Revit: More Than Just Complex Shapes

Many people think Dynamo isn’t for them based on the notion that it’s only useful for complex geometry or twisting towers. Lacking programming knowledge scares some others away. The reality, however, is that this powerful Revit add-on can be useful for anyone and everyone who uses Revit.

What is Dynamo?

Marcello Scambelluri is well-known in the BIM world as Dynamo expert. According to him, Dynamo primarily does two things: 1) creates its own geometry with parametric relationships, and 2) reads and writes to and from external databases. Simply, this means that Dynamo can manipulate the Revit database in more ways than Revit alone.

Twisting Tower

With twisting towers, it’s easy to understand that the complexities of the geometry in the design require more advanced manipulations in Revit. But if you’re not designing twisting towers or the like, what’s in it for you? Perhaps the ability to set the base of all the walls and all the columns to the same elevation so parameters from different families can be equal to each other would be useful. Or perhaps you could would find it useful to model a cone and a plane, find the intersection of those elements (a curve), and assign a Structural Revit Beam in Revit to that Dynamo curve so they would be forever “linked” (meaning if the Dynamo curve changed location, then the Revit Beam would change location as well.)

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You can download Dynamo for free online and get started now! If you’ve dabbled in Dynamo or are a brand new user looking for an in-depth training program, check out our upcoming Dynamo Basics course presented by Marcello Sgambelluri in Newport Beach, CA on December 13-14, 2016. This is an exclusive limited-time class designed to introduce Revit users with little to no programming experience to the power of Dynamo.

Dynamo is a free, open source extension for Revit that extends building information modeling with the data and logic environment of a graphical algorithm editor. Download it now! You can get started right away with Dynamo’s online learning tools and by joining the extensive community of Dynamo users.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth training to get started with Dynamo or prefer to learn for an instructor in-person, join us for our upcoming Dynamo Basics course presented by Marcello Scambelluri.

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