DWG Compare in Civil 3D 2020

The DWG Compare tool is an AutoCAD-based function that was originally introduced with the AutoCAD 2019 release. It was a great new piece of functionality given to us to be able to compare two different versions of a drawing file to be able to see what the differences are between them. Items that are different in the currently open drawing show up in green, and objects that are different in the comparison drawing show up in red. Unchanged objects show up in gray. Of course, all of these colors can be changed as desired.

So why am I blogging about an AutoCAD-based feature that came out in the 2019 version? In the video below, I will show how to use it, what has changed for 2020, and, especially for people using Civil 3D, what you can and cannot do with it. Check out the video in the link below:


That’s about it for this blog. Check it out for yourself and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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