Discussing New Features in Civil 3D 2018 with KaDe King and Heidi Boutwell

In their “Civil 3D 2018 New Features” Skype chat, CADLearning’s Infrastructure Content Manager Heidi Boutwell and U.S. CAD’s Senior Technical Specialist KaDe King shared their favorite new updates to the Civil 3D 2018 release.

Video Transcript

KaDe King:
Hi this is KaDe King with US CAD, I am a Senior Technical Specialist. I also do network licensing and kind of a little bit of everything. I’ve been using AutoCAD since 1987, and Civil 3D before it was Civil 3D, I want to say Land Desktop 2.0. I’m here with Heidi Boutwell. Heidi.

Heidi Boutwell:
Hi, I’m Heidi Boutwell, and I work for CADLearning. I’m your infrastructure content manager. I’m the voice that you hear on all the Civil 3D Vehicle Tracking Infraworks, Navisworks, Map 3D, Storm and Sanitary Sewer Analysis, Hydro Flow, and all the other lessons that are out there for our world. Like KaDe, I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve been in the industry since 1994. I have been doing civil design since 1994, I started with the AutoCAD 13 Soft S 7, LANDESK was my very first one and of course Civil 3D when it came out in 2005 beta. Today, as KaDe well knows, we are going to talk to you about all the new features in 2018’s Civil 3D. Civil 3D put out a lot of stuff this year, you know?

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