Discussing New Features in AutoCAD 2018 with KaDe King and David Cohn

In their “AutoCAD 2018 New Features” Skype chat, CADLearning’s Senior Content Manager David Cohn, and U.S. CAD’s Senior Technical Specialist KaDe King, shared their favorite new updates to the AutoCAD 2018 release.

Video Transcript

David Cohn:
Okay, well this is David Cohn with 4D Technologies. I want to welcome you to this webcast. I’m here with KaDe King. KaDe King works with U.S. CAD. She’s based in Utah, and I work with 4D Technologies. As I said, I’m actually based in Bellingham, Washington. I’ve been using AutoCAD since version 1.4. the first version I actually saw was version 1.2. I’ve seen a lot of changes in AutoCAD over the years. We’re here to talk to you today about the updates in AutoCAD 2018, and I’ll stop talking for a second so KaDe can say hello and introduce herself.

KaDe King:
Hi, this is KaDe King. I’m with U.S. CAD. This is actually my thirtieth anniversary of using AutoCAD this year. I started in AutoCAD 2.5, so it’s a big anniversary for me. 2018, it all kind of goes together.


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