Digital Collaboration and Organization through Project Lifecycles

As projects move through their lifecycles, more and more information and details accumulate that need to be effectively managed and organized. In the past decade, the industry has put an emphasis on managing all the minute details that are involved in a project—especially during the planning and coordination phases. As you move from preconstruction to construction execution and beyond, the sheer amount of information that needs to be organized and saved can be overwhelming.

So what do you do with your information? Collaborating on digital documents makes work easier for everyone. However, avoiding an accumulation of many file versions stored in many locations is essential to make sure no details or work is misplaced or overwritten. There are many tools available that can help manage details, streamline manual processes, organize file versions, and more!

We hosted a 5-part webinar series highlighting the challenges that arise when managing large amounts of detail and the opportunities there are to better manage that information and use it in collaboration.

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Learn more about the different solutions that are available to help you improve collaboration along your entire project lifecycle!

You can also view each part of the series individually to learn more about BIM 360 Glue, BIM 360 Field, BIM 360 Plan, and BIM 360 Docs: BIM ManagementField LayoutConstruction ManagementLean Construction, and Facilities Management.

Check out more upcoming webinars, including the monthly #InfrastructureTuesdays and #WorkflowWednesdays.

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