Creating a Batch Spool for CADmep

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Many users know how to create a simple spool drawing from their pipe layout, but when it comes to creating a batch spool, there seems to be some difficulty. Users often assume that they just need to select the Batch Spool Tool and click “Ok” through the dialog.  As you may know, nothing happens.

spooling pic 1

Instead of using the batch tool right away, you need to set up what you want to batch spool, by selecting the Define/Create Spool tool. You will want to go through the dialog box to select the settings that you want. At the very bottom of the dialog, there is a check box for Create Spool on OK that you will want to deselect. This is because once you start selecting, you will want to do multi-selections of the runs of pipe you want for the spool.

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After you have made your selections, you will notice that your pipe sections will appear in different colors to help make sure that you don’t re-select pipes that will be part of another spool. If you switch your view to a Realistic mode you will be able to see these colors more clearly.

spooling pic 3

Once you have all of your pipes set to be spooled you can click enter to send your selections. At this point, you will be able to click on the Batch Create Spools tool to have it start creating the multiple spools that you want your selections to create. The dialog looks exactly the same as the Define/Create Spool tool. I like to choose the option to uncheck Create in Layout Tab at the bottom of the dialog. This means that it will create a separate drawing file for each spool. You also have the option of Select All or click the Select button to choose which spools will be created.

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spooling pic 4

Once you click OK, wait a few seconds for each of the new drawings to populate and finish spooling. If you have reports turned on, you can get your parts list showing with your spool drawing. At this point you can go in and add annotations, and also enlarge the tags that have been placed for your parts.

spooling pic 5

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