The Costs of Not Investing In Our Nation’s Infrastructure

America’s infrastructure is decaying at a faster rate than we are improving it. According to the World Economic Forum, America now ranks 11th globally this year for our infrastructure quality, and we recently earned a D+ on the ASCE’s report card. But does it have to be this way?

Here’s a quick reading list that provides a look into the reasoning behind our lack of investment and possible alternatives.

  • The Aussies are doing it right – The Hill takes a look at Australia’s Asset Recycling Fund, which offers “a relatively modest economic incentive to its state and local governments” in order to encourage privatization of infrastructure assets with the proceeds then being reinvested in new infrastructure. Stalled infrastructure projects were estimated to cost the U.S. economy over $1.1 trillion and 1.9 million jobs; is there something we can learn from our Aussie friends and their “recycling” program? Read More Here
  • Orange County, CA gets a C+ – The ASCE, in collaboration with the UC Irvine Civil and Environmental Engineering Affiliates, have graded Orange County, California’s infrastructure with a C+ grade average. While this is better than the national D+ average, the county does have infrastructure that is operating past their design life and in need of upgrade or replacement. Read More Here
  • If money and politics weren’t an issue… – The Bond Buyer examines 10 areas of infrastructure and how they can be improved if money and politics were not in the way. From a $1 trillion investment in Interstate 2.0 to a $500+ billion nationwide high speed rail, here’s what would happen in an ideal world. Read More Here
  • Why aren’t we acting now? – Interest rates and construction materials are at record lows, so why aren’t we borrowing to invest in public infrastructure? The Los Angeles Times explores the answer to this and several other questions. Read More Here

What are your thoughts on the state of our nation’s infrastructure? Share your comments below!

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