Controlling Layers within Walls in Revit

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When creating building models within Revit, there are times when you only need show structural walls within floor plan views. While working on a project recently, I needed to show only stud components within the walls, and no gypsum board or finishes for walls. As I searched around for a way to do this, I came upon the Override Host Layers option in the Visibility/Graphics Overrides dialog box. I had used this before, but haven’t touched it for years. When you check the box for Cut Line Styles, you are then able to click on the Edit button, which brings up the Host Layer Line Styles dialog.

host layer line styles

Within this dialog box, you can control how each of the individual layers of materials are represented within your view. You can adjust your line weights, line colors, and line patterns for each of the layers.

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For my example, if I didn’t want to show anything but the Structure, I could change the Line Color to White, similar to using the Invisible Line, for my Linework Tool. You may need to adjust some of the materials that you have in your project to not show a cut pattern because that will still show, even if you have the white lines representing the edges.

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