Clearing the Autocomplete List in Bluebeam Revu

Are you constantly seeing entries from past projects in the Autocomplete sections of Bluebeam Revu?  I use Bluebeam for everything, including my taxes, so when I’m teaching classes I prefer not to see my utilities fill into those areas.

As a best practice, let’s dive into the Revu Preferences to clear these once in a while.

In Revu 2018, go to the Revu Menu>Preferences, in the resulting window click on the General section on the left and select Spelling at the top.  Next to the Enable Auto-Complete checkbox, click on Manage….  You can now select the Category, this will show you all the remembered entries to select and clear individually or simply “Clear All”.  Hope this simple tip makes a big difference for you today.

Clearing the Auto-Complete List in Bluebeam Revu

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