Infrastructure Universe, Vol. 10: Do More with InfraWorks & Other Infrastructure Tools

Greetings from the Infrastructure Universe! Autodesk has recently released a couple updates for various softwares that you should note. I also have some awesome resources for InfraWorks and Civil 3D to share with you. Read on for all the updates and make sure you watch the videos.

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Software Updates and Hotfixes

#1: Infrastructure Parts Editor Extension for InfraWorks 2018.1

Infrastructure Parts Editor for InfraWorks 2018.1

The Infrastructure Parts Editor is a parametric shape editing tool for creating parts catalogs that are compatible with Autodesk InfraWorks and AutoCAD Civil 3D. Once you install the Parts Editor, you can open the Parts Editor by clicking the Parts Editor icon from within Autodesk InfraWorks. Users who have experience with Autodesk Inventor and shape modeling can also create custom parametric component parts and assemblies with the Infrastructure Parts Shape Utilities tools for Autodesk Inventor, which can then be used by the Parts Editor.

See the README for more info. Use the Autodesk Desktop App to download and install this update.

Important: You must have InfraWorks 2018.1 installed to use this update.

#2: Revit 2018 Site Designer

Revit 2018 Site Designer

Use site planning tools to shape the terrain for building sites in the Revit environment.

Site Designer for Revit® is an extension (add-in) for the Revit software. It is available to Autodesk subscribers of a supported Revit product or suite, or users with Autodesk Education accounts.

Site Designer enables architects, designers, and planners to shape the terrain for building sites using grading tools to model pads, parking lots, streets, sidewalks, and retaining walls. Site Designer uses Revit families, components, and toposurfaces, so designs become part of the overall building information model without the need to transfer between design systems.

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Use the Autodesk Desktop App to download and install these updates.

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Great Videos & New Tools

Preparing Digital Images for Use as Material Maps

From Civil Immersion: “Several of the AEC Collection applications support the use of digital images as material maps. This allows users to photograph an existing building, for example, and then wrap the images around a 3D virtual model.”


Dynamic Grading in Civil 3D

Join Autodesk’s John Sayre as he goes through multiple solutions for everyday grading issues that come up on all projects and shows the benefit of a dynamic model by minimizing rework.

  • Show multiple use cases for Relative Feature Lines
  • Why not use feature lines instead of a corridor?
  • Explain the do’s and don’ts of feature lines and the grading tools
  • Quickly grade islands in a parking lot, cul-de-sac’s, and detention areas

Hot Infrastructure News

Infrastructure Reimagined: The Omen of Oroville

From Autodesk: “While the final forensic report commissioned by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has yet to be issued, the causes of the catastrophic spillway failure at the Oroville Dam in northern California are essentially known — corrosion, erosion, poor drainage, and faulty slabs. The preliminary list of “candidate physical factors” tallied by the Forensic Investigation Team includes 24 potential causes affecting the main spillway — and another four affecting the emergency spillway — in mid-February when both suffered major damage under heavy releases.”

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Image: Autodesk

Meet the Women Behind India’s 3D ‘Zebra’ Crossings

From City Lab: “Indian roads are notoriously unsafe for pedestrians and drivers. In 2014, an average of 16 people were killed in road crashes every hour; almost 40 percent of these crashes happened because of speeding. The country needs  a comprehensive package of solutions to reduce the speed and volume of vehicles on the roads.”


Image: City Lab

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Infrastructure Tuesday

Join my colleague, Aaron Powell, next Tuesday for expert tips & tricks for using surfaces in Civil 3D. He’ll be sharing his favorite tips, like how reducing surfaces can speed up your drawings without losing essential data. Sign up now and come ready to ask Aaron any questions you might have about surfaces!

If you’re interested but can’t make it, you can still register. We’ll send you the recording after!

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