Infrastructure Universe, Vol. 19: Tips & Tricks for InfraWorks, Civil 3D, and ReCap

In case you missed it under all of the new 2019 Autodesk releases, the AutoCAD 2019 Update 1 (Service Pack 1) is now available! In this month’s update, you’ll also get details about the retirement of Buzzsaw and A360 Desktop Sync, see what you need to know, when they will be discontinued, and what you should do.

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Software Updates and Hotfixes

#1: InfraWorks 2019.0.2

InfraWorks 2019.0.2 Hotfix

The most recent update for InfraWorks 2019 included extensive product enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed issues where InfraWorks closed unexpectedly while displaying model tiles on InfraWorks Home and the Refresh command from InfraWorks Home caused InfraWorks to close unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue where roads would not snap to the centerline or centerline endpoints of other roads to form an intersection
  • Fixed an issue where road geometry was incorrectly converted to metric units of measurement after InfraWorks roadway data was opened in Civil 3D
  • Improved performance for InfraWorks models that contain raster or point cloud data sources
  • Improved performance for road editing to minimize model regeneration time when updating a complex road that has numerous intersections and bridges

See the README for more info. Use the Autodesk Desktop App to download and install this update.

#2: ReCap Photo Update v19.0.1.9

ReCap Photo Update v19.0.1.9

This update, applicable to ReCap Photo v19.0.0.38, fixes an issue where the registration process hung under certain conditions.

See the README for more info. Use the Autodesk Desktop App to download and install this update.

#3: ReCap Pro 2019.1 Update

ReCap Photo Update v19.0.1.9

This update, applicable to ReCap and ReCap Pro, fixes several issues, including:

  • Optimizing project was causing project sync to A360 fail and making the project unstructured
  • Invisible scans are now exported to structure .e57 file
  • Export decimation is now working as expected
  • Factory products are now able to launch Realview in ReCap

See the README for more info. Use the Autodesk Desktop App to download and install this update.

#4: Revit 2018.3.1 Hotfix

Revit 2018.3.1 Hotfix

This update addresses issues and crashes reported directly to Autodesk and contains the fixes included in the Revit 2018.0.1, 2018.0.2, and 2018.1.1 hotfixes as well as the Revit 2018.1, 2018.2 and 2018.3 updates.

See the README for more info. Use the Autodesk Desktop App to download and install this update.

Known issue: For BIM 360 Design (formerly Collaboration for Revit), if the Modified date for the revit.exe.config file is newer than the Created date, the patch installer will fail to update it and Revit may not launch correctly. Consult Collaboration for Revit: Synchronize process starts failing for C4R.

#5: AutoCAD 2019.0.1 Update (Service Pack)

AutoCAD 2019.0.1 Update

This update includes several feature fixes including:

  • The Open from Web & Mobile and Save to Web & Mobile buttons on the Quick Access toolbar in 64-bit versions can now be hidden or removed.
  • The tool palette path can now be changed from the default value without being reset when exiting the Options dialog box.

See README for more info. Use the Autodesk Desktop App to download and install these updates

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Product Retirements

#1: Buzzsaw Discontinuation

Infrastructure Universe: RIP Autodesk Buzzsaw

From Autodesk: “Autodesk continues to invest in developing enhanced collaboration products that will better suit our customers’ needs now and in the future. As part of this mission, we’ve made the decision to discontinue Buzzsaw® and Buzzsaw Professional on January 31 2019. After this date, you will no longer be able to access, use, or renew Buzzsaw. While we will work closely with you to prepare for this transition—and minimize any impact on your business-critical workflows.”

See the FAQ for more info.

#2: A360 Desktop Sync Retirement

Infrastructure Universe: RIP A360 Desktop Sync

From Autodesk: “If you are running and using A360 Desktop, you should have been notified of the retirement on June 1, 2018 from Autodesk. Any data stored on their local machine or in A360 Drive will remain in that location, and will no longer sync between these two storage locations after June 19, 2018.”

See the FAQ for more info.

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Great Videos & New Tools

FARO Introduces As-Built Software Platform for 3D Digital Modeling

From sUAS News: “FARO … announces the availability of the FARO As-Built software platform that enables efficient and cost-effective transfer of 3D reality capture into Autodesk design tools to create ready to use CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) deliverables. As-Built is specifically designed to minimize the effort and time required to create as-built documentation, which is the main task across AEC professionals in the building, facility, and infrastructure design phases.”


Importing a Point Cloud from ReCap Photo into InfraWorks

From Civil Immersion: “When using ReCap Photo to process drone imagery, you have the option of creating a 3D point cloud.  This point cloud can serve many purposes!  When added to an InfraWorks model for example, the cloud can be used to improve the accuracy of the existing ground surface.”

Read more and watch the video >>

Tackling Curbs in Revit

InfraWorks 2019 Backwards Compatibility with previous Civil 3D Releases

From Autodesk’s Civil Community: “This week’s featured InfraWorks Forum post is short and to the point. The question: Do my InfraWorks and Civil 3D versions need to match for a data connection to a Civil 3D drawing to work properly. The answer is yes, as was clarified by Autodesk’s Nick Zeeben.”


Importing High-Resolution Aerial Imagery from ReCap Photo into InfraWorks

From Civil Immersion: “Using today’s drone technology, it’s easier than ever to obtain current, high quality aerial imagery for most any project site.  The ease in which these images are created also means they can be “swapped out” frequently (even daily) as site conditions change!”

Read more and watch the video >>

Little Known CAD Commands That Rock, Part 4

AutoCAD Civil 3D: Tips, Tricks, and Unnatural Acts

From Autodesk’s Civil Community: “This session is dedicated entirely to productivity techniques that will help improve your daily operations when working with AutoCAD Civil 3D software. These tips include automating regular tasks, using standard functions in new ways, exploring underutilized features, and even exploiting a handful of undocumented commands. We’ll present the information using a real-world problem-solving context, rather than simply going feature by feature, so you can fully appreciate the “why” in addition to the “how.” Come join us for this 90-minute session as we show you numerous ways to help you get the most from your AutoCAD Civil 3D investment.”

Read more and watch the video >>

Hot Infrastructure News

Apparently, All Roads Do Lead to Rome

From ArchDaily: “From a grid of 26,503,452 square kilometers covering all of Europe, the researchers defined 486,713 starting points that were superimposed on the continent’s street map. Then an algorithm was developed for the project that calculated the shortest route between each of the points and the Italian capital.”


Study Finds Increased Use of BIM in Water Industry

From “In a recent report, Dodge Data & Analytics found that the water industry is increasing its implementation of building information modeling (BIM). These results provide a vast contrast from the firm’s 2012 report, which showed that the water industry had been slower than other industry sectors to implement BIM in its projects.”


5 Fascinating New Ways UAVs Are Being Used in Construction

From “A recent report by Goldman Sachs named the construction industry as one of the biggest potential markets for drones over the next 10 years, with an estimated $11.2 billion in earnings. And construction companies have been taking interest in the technology. Since April, there has been an explosion of news about drones in the construction industry, with companies employing drones in new ways and to perform innovative functions. Here are five of the most exciting drone developments over the last month.”


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Infrastructure Tuesday

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If you can’t make it, you can still register, and we’ll send you the recording after!

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