Infrastructure Universe, Vol 37: Happy New Year from the Infrastructure Universe

Greetings from the Infrastructure Universe! Surprisingly, there are no new software updates since the last edition of the Infrastructure Universe, but make sure you check out all the videos and tools below!

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Great Videos & New Tools

New Workflow: BIM 360 Design Collaboration for Civil 3D

Expanding on my previous article BIM360 Design C4C3D (Collaboration for Civil 3D) was released yesterday! Checkout the latest workflow video for: 

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WEBINAR: Top 5 questions about integrating data with ArcGIS, InfraWorks & CIvil 3D

Join Autodesk Technical Marketing Manager John Sayre, and Esri Solution Engineer David Reeves, as we answer the most common questions about the integration of data between ArcGIS, InfraWorks and Civil 3D. And if you have more, bring them on!

In this webinar, we will help you understand how you can take full advantage of these capabilities and leverage GIS data to enrich your design and analysis processes and make better design decisions.

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WEBINAR: Modeling Oil Spills on Land and Water with OilFlow2D

Hydronia will “demonstrate the all new module for OilFlow2D that allows simulating oil spills in rivers and coastal waters. The module can also integrate results from the existing OilFlow2D overland oil flow component, and includes tools to calculate oil trajectory, evaporation, emulsification, interaction with shores and oil property changes.”

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Hot Infrastructure News

Windows 10 upgrade countdown – Why millions of users face an expensive start to the year 

From Express UK: “Upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10 is about to become vital and those who haven’t made the switch are facing an expensive start to 2020. Microsoft is about to end all support for its ageing Windows 7 operating system and that means anyone still using this popular software face an increased risk of security issues, cyber-attacks and annoying bugs.”


Moving from Static Spatial Reference Systems in 2022

From ESRI: “‘As part of the new 2022 TRFs, NGS will create the State Plane Coordinate System of 2022 (SPCS2022),” said Stone. “We will seek input from stakeholders throughout the nation on what characteristics they would like to see in SPCS2022. We expect responses will range from keeping the projection zones essentially as they currently are to states that want only a single large zone, while other states will want a large number of small zones. It will be very interesting to see the types of responses we receive and how they will impact SPCS2022.'”

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Interesting Graphics show how much space cars, Trains, and Buses Take Up

An Architect Surveys Ancient Stone Ruins: Elias Logan and the BLK360

From Leica Geosystems: “I found out about the BLK360 from Kyle Barker, a mentor, friend, and colleague at MERGE Architects where I worked for a year after graduating from the GSD. He referred me to Leica Geosystems, for which I owe him a great deal! In reviewing Kyle’s own point cloud files and testing it out for myself, I was very impressed by the extent of space and detail it could capture. Having used the BLK360 several times now, I have found it is a breeze to conduct scans; the clichéd ease of ‘just the touch of a button.'”


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