Infrastructure Universe, Vol. 26: The Hottest News in Civil Infrastructure

Happy New Year from the Infrastructure Universe! Over the last few weeks, Autodesk has released a few new hotfixes and updates. Also, make sure you check out the news in the Infrastructure Universe below!

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Software Updates and Hotfixes

#1: Revit 2019.2 Update

Revit 2019.2 Update

The most recent update for Revit 2019 includes features and updates such as:

  • Fixed a security vulnerability in communicating with web services
  • Added the ability to adjust the Top elevation and bottom elevation for duct, cable tray, and conduit via parameters in properties palette
  • Added the ability within the API TopographyLinkType to reload topography link

See the README for more info. Use the Autodesk Desktop App to download and install this update.

#2: Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator Client

Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator Client

“The Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator Client is a standalone application that is used to access the Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator server and services. The Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator service translates Civil 3D files to files that can be used in Bentley GEOPAK and Bentley InRoads, and to translateGEOPAK and InRoads files to files that can be used in Autodesk Civil 3D. The Civil Engineering Data Translator is a secure cloud service that is not dependent upon a specific version of Autodesk Civil 3D.”

See the README for more info. Use the Autodesk Desktop App to download and install this update.

#3: Civil 3D 2019.2 Update

Civil 3D 2019.2 Update

The most recent update for Civil 3D 2019 includes features and updates such as:

  • Transparent commands now accessible using the right-click menu
  • Data shortcut projects now support using a UNC path. This eliminates the earlier limitation of using mapped drives to host projects.

Read my article on Linkedin for more details on this update with video links.

See the README for more info. Use the Autodesk Desktop App to download and install this update.

Great Videos & New Tools

Web-Based Mapping Applications for Utilities

She Puts the AR in Architecture

Sahar Fikouhi uses augmented reality to view building models.

Learn more >>

Could Computer Algorithms Design the Floor Plans of the Future?

From ArchDaily: “Programmer Joel Simon has created an experimental research project, Evolving Floor Plans, to explore speculative and optimized plan layouts using generative design. Interested in the intersection of computer science, biology and design, Joel organized rooms and expected flow of people through a genetic algorithm to minimize walking time, the use of hallways, etc.”

Read the full story >>

Infrastructure Tuesday: What is ConditionalHorizontalTarget?

U.S. CAD’s Senior Technical Specialist, Aaron Powell explains the ConditionalHorizontalTarget subassembly in Civil 3D in the April “Infrastructure Tuesday” webinar. (We also teach this in our Advanced Civil 3D class; contact us if you want to learn more about this Advanced class.)

Do More with AEC Collection: An Improved 3-Step Civil Workflow

From the U.S. CAD blog, originally published in AUGIWorld: “After having worked with drafters and designers in the Civil Infrastructure industry, I’ve noticed that not enough people are taking full advantage of the power of their Autodesk AEC Collection. Designers who only use AutoCAD or Civil 3D from their AEC Collection are missing out on tools that could provide them with better speed of process and quality of output. In particular, the combination of Autodesk Recap Pro, Autodesk Infraworks, and AutoCAD Civil 3D together could help move your project further along and more efficiently than relying on Civil 3D as your one-stop shop.”


DeepTraffic: MIT Deep Reinforcement Learning Competition

DeepTraffic is a deep reinforcement learning competition hosted as part of the MIT Deep Learning courses. The goal is to create a neural network that drives a vehicle (or multiple vehicles) as fast as possible through dense highway traffic.

READ NEXT:  Webinar Release: What’s New In Civil 3D and Infraworks 2021


Hot Infrastructure News

6 Construction Failures, and What We Learned From Them (Bridge, Buildings)

Things can go wrong in scientific experiments sometimes, but when it comes to engineering, getting things wrong can be disastrous.

Population Mountains

From ThePudding: “This is a story about how to perceive the population of cities.”


A new intersection design eliminates the dreaded left turn into traffic

From Insider: “Anyone who has ever made a left turn in a busy intersection understands that it can be a stressful maneuver. Not only do you have to wait impatiently for a break in the stream of cars coming the opposite direction, you often hold up a line of traffic, and even risk getting into a collision if other drivers aren’t following the rules of the road.”


Why That Jerk Who Merges Last Minute Is Actually Right

From Diply: “You know those rude people that cut everyone in your lane and merge at the last second? Everyone is irked by these people unless you are one of them. Transportation officials in Kansas are saying that these people may not be as bad as you think. Say what?? Here’s what the Kansas Department of Transportation has been telling people.”


Webcast to Register For

Infrastructure Tuesday: Useful Features in Map for Civil 3D Users

Join my colleague KaDe King to explore workflows in AutoCAD Map for Civil 3D users, including the following:

  • How to convert GIS Data from one coordinate system to another
  • How to export Civil 3D Objects to GIS formats
  • How to create a Pipe Network from GIS data

Register now for the Feb. 12th webinar!

And A Little Humor...

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