Did You Know? Manage Your Project Stakeholders in BIM 360 Glue

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Question: When managing a BIM 360 Glue project, there are two types of administrators: Host and Project. What are the differences between the two?

Expert Solution from Heidi Boutwell, CADLearning’s Infrastructure Content Manager: The role of a Glue user dictates what projects they have access to and their level of access.

The Host administrator role allows companies with multiple projects to delegate responsibility for securely managing users and access on a project-by-project basis.

Project administrators have administrative rights for projects that they have access to within a host organization.

Host administrators can create projects, invite team members to projects, and grant various levels of member access to models and data. A Host administrator would typically be the project manager for the host organization, such as a general contractor, engineering firm, or owner organization. Host administrators can create or delete projects, add or remove host-level team members, grant project administrator rights to team members, define which projects a project member can access, and review a host summary that includes the number of project members and projects.

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If you have an Enterprise account with BIM360 Glue, administrators can use Glue Web Access to view Activities and Members dashboards to monitor project activities and model updates. As a Host administrator, you can access the administration tools through the BIM 360 Glue App Menu in the upper-right corner of the BIM 360 Project Dashboard.

After a Host administrator creates a project, either the Host administrator or a Project administrator can assign project collaborators and send them an invitation to access their account. Project administrators have administrative rights for projects that they have access to within a host organization. Host administrators create projects, and Project administrators manage projects that have been assigned to them by the Host administrator.

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A Project administrator would typically be a project or BIM manager for a local project. The Project administrator can invite team members and manage their access levels to model and data. Project administrators can rename their specific projects and edit their project’s settings. They can also grant Project administrator rights to other team members and review a project summary that displays member status and access rights. Project administrators cannot create new projects or delete projects, add or remove team members from projects he or she is not assigned to, change a Host administrator’s permissions, or grant Host administrator rights.


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