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Question: I just want to view a Revit model. How can I do this?

Expert Solution from Jason Boehning, CADLearning’s Building Content Manager: Download the Revit trial version and use the Revit Viewer.

When you install Revit, whether it is a trial version or from your Autodesk account, the Revit Viewer will also install. Revit Viewer is essentially the same as Revit in Read-Only mode.

When using Revit Viewer, a user can view a project, but they cannot save any changes. It is possible to make changes in the project while in viewer mode, but they will only be temporary. Revit Viewer prevents users from saving, exporting or publishing a modified project, exporting the project to any format that can be modified, or printing a project after changes are made. (A user can print views or sheets from a project, just not after any changes have been made in the project.)

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Because Revit Viewer provides all the functionality of Revit that doesn’t in some way preserve changes, it’s a great way for new Revit users to gain experience on real, live data without the concern that they will affect the project. It can also be helpful when presenting a work-in-progress to a customer.

While Revit Viewer is referred to as “Viewer Mode,” a user cannot switch between “modes” when using Revit. If a user is in Viewer Mode, they must have opened Revit Viewer instead of Revit. This can be frustrating if done by mistake because changes cannot be saved. The reason is because Revit Viewer is free.

When viewing the list of programs installed on a machine, Revit Viewer should appear in the same place as Revit. Users should ensure that they are opening the correct program. If you installed a trial version, Revit Viewer will still function the same after the trial has expired.

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