Did You Know? Stay on Top of Construction Site Issues in Real-Time with BIM 360 Field

CADLearning’s successful Did You Know? series tackles common AEC industry and technical problems. U.S. CAD is excited to partner with CADLearning to answer some of the frequently asked questions that the U.S. CAD Technical Support often receive.

Industry Problem: When I’m in the field, it is not unusual for a problem to emerge. What is the best way to stay organized and ensure that problems are addressed in real-time?

Expert Solution from Heidi Boutwell, CADLearning’s Infrastructure Content Manager: Take advantage of the mobility that you get with BIM 360 Field to document problems on-site.

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A Brief Contractor’s Guide – Lessons from BIM 360 Field

BIM 360 Field allows contractors, owners, and engineers to set up issues to deal with problems in the field, on the fly. On the Home page, select the project in which you want to work. From the toolbar, you can add items to a project, such as issues, checklists, and tasks. To add an issue that was encountered at the construction site, click Issues.

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The web page changes to give you the ability to search existing issues, add a new issue, void an issue, edit an issue, and import and export issues. To add an issue, click Add. The Add New Issue dialog box appears. Change the Issue Type to Work List. Then, assign a unique Issue ID, such as “JS-01005”. Next, fill in the Description with something that can easily be queried for a search, such as “Remove HVAC.”

Under Location, choose a location from the drop-down menu. From here, you can search for, edit, or void an issue with the buttons above. To edit an issue, first select the issue, then click Edit. In the Edit Issue dialog, there are a few more tabs available than in the Add New Issue dialog. For example, click Attachment, and you can attach a picture or a file. You can enter a comment under the Comment tab, and you can view the history of how this issue has been viewed and dealt with by clicking the History tab.

If you would like to export all your issues to a CSV file that Excel can open, click More Actions, and choose Export All. This will export all issues to a CSV file on your computer. You can then email this file to anyone, or open it with Excel to make changes and modifications. You can also import an XLS file containing issues. In the Import Issue dialog box, you can download a sample XLS file. It is recommended that you always use this sample spreadsheet XLS file that is provided by Autodesk, as it is formatted properly for the import process. This way, it imports correctly when you are ready to bring the spreadsheet into the webpage.

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To search for an existing issue, expand the search area, and in the Search field, enter a search description. Then, click Search Issues. The web page filters all the issues to show you just the ones with the description you entered. This can be really handy if you have hundreds of issues and you need to find a specific issue that deals with a specific topic.

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