Autodesk Virtual Agent ENU vs. ENG

This blog post was originally written for the Managed Design blog. Managed Design is now a U.S. CAD company, so please check back here at for more written articles from Doug Benoit and our new U.S. CAD Minnesota team.

In my experience through the years as an application engineer, I’ve noticed there are many people like me, who use Autodesk’s Virtual Agent to download their Autodesk software. Are you a part of this group for downloading IDSP 2017, IDSU 2017, or other suites?

Take note: If you are in the U.S., be sure to download the software labeled “64 Bit – ENU” (ENU stands for English U.S.). The other download (ENG) is for those in the U.K. Perhaps this was obvious to all of you, but I have been haunted by the clean-install process more than once, so I chose to share my little scare with you.

virtual agent enu eng

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