The Power Is Yours: Vote for Autodesk University 2017 Classes

Voting is now open for the upcoming Autodesk University Las Vegas 2017! This year, the power is in your hands: from now until June 16th, 2017, you can vote for the classes you want to see most at AU. It’s an easy process and doesn’t require any special logins.

So, what classes should you vote for? Well, here are some that have been submitted by the U.S. CAD team. Please take a minute and vote for these classes!

Class Name
Keyword to Search For
AEC Collection: Know What Is In Your Tool Boxtool box
Integrate InfraWorks Into My Current Workflow for Site Designintegrate infraworks into my
Printing Like A Pro in AutoCADprinting like a pro
Faster Ways to Select Your Objects and Clean Up Your Drawings in AutoCADfaster ways
Workflows for Pipe Networks: Civil 3D to Map 3D to GISworkflows for pipe
Dynamic Site Grading Using Feature Line Corridors in Civil 3Ddynamic site
Site Grading with Corridors in Civil 3D 2018: Everything Has Changedeverything has changed
From Flight to Finishfrom flight to finish
(Choose the one that includes ReCap)
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Remember, voting for AU 2017 classes will end on June 16th, so let your voice and choices be heard! What classes are you excited to see at this year’s AU? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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