Autodesk and Skycatch?

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ReCap 360 and the invasion of the drones!


Just in the past two weeks Autodesk announced a large investment into a company called Skycatch. Besides being a drone company what is interesting about all this is that Autodesk didn’t outright purchase the company but instead announced an investment into the company.  Read into this as you will but this is not typical!  What does this mean?

autodesk drones skycatch

Read Skycatch’s announcement on their blog.

Looking at the above website, it appears this company has created a drone that has its own kind of launch box.  From here it will leave, fly a mission, then return automatically; all while gathering data.  How? It doesn’t say.  So I’m left wondering just what does it really do that most other mid-sized 600mm to 1000mm drones can’t do now. Jury is still out on this one.

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So how will Skycatch and Recap 360 mix together?  It’s a mystery.  But as soon as I do know I will post it here.

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