Administering Autodesk Network License Files

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With a new year comes new change with Autodesk. Now the software offers advanced options to generate license files for network versions. This option is available through the Autodesk Account portal as long as you have the appropriate permissions.

Here’s how to generate license files for network versions of Autodesk:

Once logging into the Autodesk Account, there are a couple of ways to select Generate Network License File. The most obvious option is available along the left side of the Account portal after selecting Products & Services. The second selection can be found by locating and expanding the product using the disclosure arrow.

01 Gen Lic File
02 serv modl

By selecting Single Server as the server model, you will then be prompted to enter the server name and MAC/physical address. If necessary, the server model can be changed, discarding any previously entered information.

03 serrv nam addrs

Select all products or a specific product(s), unless the product was pre-selected—in this case, opt for Add selected when finished.

04 select prods

Once all of the pertinent information has been entered and product(s) selected, pick Get License file at the bottom of the page.

05 get lic

The license file information is displayed with options to Copy to clipboardand Save as. Selecting Send and close will email the license file to the Autodesk Account holder, as well as any additional addresses entered.

06 lic file

And viola! Simple, right?

For more information on this process, refer to the Network License Administration on Autodesk’s AKN site.

Another web-based option that can be used to generate a network license file is Register Once.


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