6 Simple Productivity Tools and Processes for Revit Users

Read on for some tools and workflow tips that can improve your day-to-day processes.


CADLearning Plugin

CADLearning is an online learning and learning management platform. With over 40,000 searchable videos, the continuously growing library is kept up-to-date with all the newest releases and updates of 40+ Autodesk titles.

You can access CADLearning content within the Autodesk applications with the CADLearning Plugin. As you’re working on a project, a list of recommended videos is displayed based on the tool that you’re currently using or actions you’re currently taking in the program. The intelligent list of suggested videos will refresh automatically as you make selections and switch tools.

U.S. CAD Tools for Revit

The U.S. CAD Tools for Revit is a series of add-in utilities for Autodesk Revit Architecture, Structure, and MEP. The tools extend the capabilities of Revit in various key areas. They are easy to use and make working in Revit easier and more efficient.


FormIt 360 Convertor

In Revit 2017, FormIt 360 Converter is now provided with the Revit installation. This gives you the ability to continue working with your FormIt designs easily in Revit. With FormIt 360 Converter, you convert FormIt 360 files into an open Revit file from within Revit 2015 or Revit 2016. You can also convert SketchUp SKP files for use within FormIt, Revit RFA files for use within FormIt, and RFAs used in FormIt, back into the original RFA in Revit for a fully integrated BIM workflow.

Processes and Workflows

Beginner Revit Workflows for Architects

If you’re new to Revit or new to architecture, there are some basic workflows essential to completing architectural tasks. From setting up your model to collaboration, when you master the basics, your day-to-day tasks become second nature.

Using 3ds Max Rendering for Revit Models

Revit to 3ds Max

Using 3ds Max for rendering Revit models is a powerful asset using visualization. In U.S. CAD’s Workflow Wednesday webinar series, Kristin Rhein suggested outputting Revit files into 3ds Max and setting up a render farm using 3ds Max and Backburner.

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Check out the full video on our recorded webinars page.

You might encounter confusion or difficulties when passing your Revit design to a Civil 3D user (or vice versa). In our Workflow Wednesday webinar series, James Lord explained the need to establish shared coordinates in Revit. He also walked through the steps to export site plans from Revit with shared coordinates, export surface triangles from Civil 3D, import surfaces into Revit, export a Revit model, and import models into Civil 3D.

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