Top 4 New Features in Revit 2019

You probably heard that, as of April 11th, Revit 2019 is finally here!

I joined CADLearning’s Building Content Manager Jason Boehning for a Skype chat to discuss some of our favorite new features and what they’ll mean for Revit users. Watch this video for our full discussion.


Looking for the highlights? Here’s a breakdown of a few of our favorite new features:

#1: Modernized UI & Tabbed Views

One of the top features that’s really exciting for me is the new modernized UI. In the past, Revit really only worked in one window. Some people would try to pull the project browser and things off to another monitor, and that worked okay, but now we can pull the views into separate monitors and truly work in the two, three, or even four monitors that many designers have.

We also have tabbed views now making the user experience similar to most web browsers these days. The real benefit here is that you can tile things just as you tiled views before, but now you can tile them on different monitors. Plus you have the ability to dock the views around the interface.

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Altogether, the new UI and tabbed views make Revit a little bit user-friendly and a little bit more Windows-like.

#2: Levels in 3D Views

We now have the ability to show levels in 3D views. Instead of just having a work plane while we’re working being able to actually show the levels, it’s kind of like Navisworks where you can see the levels at certain angles. With Revit, they’ve taken it a step further where you can see the datum outlines in your 3D views, so, when you print the views, you can see the levels right there.

#3: Multiple Fill Patterns

Revit users have long been asking for the ability to have multiple fill patterns in a material. Jason mentioned during our conversation that Autodesk has introduced this with a foreground pattern and a background pattern. He offered ceilings as an example. With ceiling tiles, you may have different materials, but you still have just one model with, maybe, a two-by-two model pattern where you need to distinguish between the different materials. Now you can do that with the background fill pattern by applying a drafting pattern to distinguish those materials.

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#4: Uncropped Perspective Views

Autodesk has also added the ability to uncrop 3D perspective views. In the past, 3D views were kind of stuck and hardwired to what they were. Now, you have the ability to uncrop those 3D perspectives views to get a little bit more leverage on controlling the extents.

With the ability to switch between orthographic and perspective, we can enhance how we look at and view 3D views instead of them being static things. Jason pointed out that, since visualization has become more popular and important in the past several years, having more visualization abilities inside of Revit is very useful.

Have you upgraded to Revit 2019? What are your favorite new features? Let us know in the comments below!

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