3 Things to Be Excited about in the New CADLearning Platform

Have you seen the new CADLearning platform first hand yet? We got a First Look at the New CADLearning last week, and the new platform has many enhancements to help users and teams be more productive and ultimately help their company be more successful.

Here are three things that we’re most excited about in the new CADLearning platform.

Easily Create New Playlists

Create a Playlist in CADLearning

In the new CADLearning platform, you can quickly and easily create new playlists in the My Content section. You might want to create a playlist to function as a customized course for yourself. You could also create a playlist to collect and easily access videos that you frequently watch.

View Videos and Scripts Side-by-Side

CADLearning Side-by-Side Script and Video

When you watch one of the 40,000+ videos available in CADLearning, you can view the script right next to the video player. In addition to allowing you to speed up or slow down the video playback, the text is highlighted in the script as the video plays so you can follow along. You can also scroll through the script to play a specific section of the video that you’re interested in.

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Share CADLearning Content within an Organization

Many organizations that use CADLearning for internal training deploy their own custom branded CADLearning Center. If your organization uses a CADLearning Center, managers can easily assign courses and share specific content with their users. You can also share videos with any interested colleagues.

CADLearning is a tool that everyone from end-users to project managers to owners can benefit from. Learn more about how managers can use it to improve the output of their teams and how users can use it to work smarter and faster through their projects.


Take advantage of CADLearning’s library of 50,000+ video lessons, knowledge assessments, exercise files and more.

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