3 Benefits of Using Drones for Construction Projects

Drones provide many benefits for the AEC industry. One area that has seen much commercial success with drones is construction. Construction projects have historically been complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. That’s why many builders and teams are looking to drones to address some of these industry challenges. Here are 3 key benefits to using drones on your next construction project.

Making Drones and Aerial Mapping Work for Construction

#1: Site photography is easier than ever.

For pre-construction surveying, construction progress, or maintenance, drone-enabled photography is a simple alternative solution. It is less cumbersome and more accurate than traditional aerial methods such as helicopters or satellites.

#2: There are many applications.

From line-of-sight visualization to planning and consultation, drones are a natural fit for many of the required tasks on a construction site. Check out the above presentation to learn about 10 applications of drones in construction.

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#3: Reduce project costs and waste and mitigate risks.

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, drones are cheaper to deploy. You can collect data more often, which means your site information is more accurate and timely. View the above presentation to learn how else drones can help you mitigate risks.

BONUS: The Basics of UAV

Not sure how to get started with drones or how to integrate captured data into software like ReCap and Civil 3D? Then check out the above slides from our own James Lord and Ed Tallmadge, who presented this at a 2015 ASCE-OC meeting.


Are you currently using drones on your construction projects? What do you feel is the main benefit of drones for the AEC industry? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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